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Q. Do you travel?

A. Absolutely! I love to travel and will come to you on your wedding day! 

Q. Do you style hair?                      

A. No I do not. My training is strictly in makeup artistry. 



Q. Do you airbrush?

A. No I do not. I prefer the look my traditional brushes give. 



Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. No I do not offer discounts for my time working.



Q. When should I schedule my consultation?

A. I find it best to schedule your consultation no more than three months prior to your wedding date. 



Q. How long in advance should I book you for my wedding?

A. I tend to book a year in advance for Vermont's wedding season (April-October) but my calendar really starts to fill up around the new year.



Q. How much time will you need on my wedding day?

A. I require an hour with the bride and a half hour with each person in the bridal party. 



Q. I have a large bridal party. How many people can you handle?

A. That all depends on the time you need to be ready by. My normal booking is between 8-12 girls or more. I love working with larger groups. 



Q. Can’t my friend do my makeup?

A. I’m sure they would love to but unless they are an experienced makeup artist you will not receive the quality you are looking for.

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